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Is your dishwasher having issues Problems like dishes not getting clean, overflowing, leaking, water isn’t draining, the door or latch won’t close, not dispensing soap or it is making a terrible noise. A-1 Appliance can diagnose the problem and one of their expert appliance repair technicians will get it working like new in no time.

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After calling around to some big shops in town (West Coast Appliance, Lowe’s, Surgeon) and getting quoted turnaround of weeks to get a service call, A-1 was able to come in days. Then they had the exact part I need in stock so the repair happened the same day. I have been recommending A-1 to everyone I know and they all have been blown away by the quick service and professionalism of the folks at A-1. Mike has been an incredible resource that I have been using now for years and I hope his business grows and continues to succeed. Shoutout to April for being an awesome admin too!
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The Inversion of the dishwasher

The dishwasher – a popular appliance found in household kitchens, has a interesting past that started in 1850.

Joel Houghton invented the first patented dishwasher in 1850, designing a wooden box that used a hand-cranked wheel to splash water and moving scrubbers on dishes and. Ten years later, L.A. Alexander improved upon Houghton’s machine by adding a geared mechanism that enabled dishes placed on racks to be spun through a tub of water, but our modern day dishwashers owe the most to Josephine Cochran. She invented the first machine to clean dishes using water pressure instead of manual scrubbing. This innovation made Cochran’s dishwasher more efficient than earlier versions by Houghton and Alexander.

Wanting a Safer and Easier Way to Wash China

After marrying wealthy merchant William Cochran in 1858, Josephine’s hosting duties as a socialite required frequent dinner parties where she used her heirloom China. The duty of cleaning the dishes fell on household staff, but the delicate dishes were often chipped. Frustrated, she set out to design and build a machine that could wash the dishes faster and more carefully than human hands.

Josephine designed her first model in the shed behind her house in Shelbyville, Illinois. George Butters, was acquired later to help build the prototype.

Constructed wire compartments for her China plates, cups, and saucers to sit in and soapy water at the bottom inside a cooper boiler. A motor helped to turn a wheel and squirt soapy water, cleaning the dishes.

In 1886, Cochran received a U.S. patent for her dishwasher invention, which she called the Cochran dishwasher.

In recognition of her groundbreaking invention, Cochran was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006.

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