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Some common issues for ovens are: broken baking or broiling element, gas igniter, thermostat, control switch, motherboard or blown fuse. Get professional help, call A-1 Appliance.



Some common issues for stove top and ranges are: flame not lighting, coils are not working correctly or not at all, your gas range keeps clicking. You will get an expert when you call A-1 Appliance.

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Very kind, knowledgeable and professional. Called and they were out to my house in a couple of hours. Mike did a thorough inspection on the fridge and figured out the problem. I love my refrigerator and I didn’t want to get another one that didn’t have all of the features that mine has. I will be using them for all of my appliance repairs!!!
Michelle P
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From Cooking Over Fire to the Modern Ovens

In ancient times, people cooked over open fires built on the ground outdoors. As time passed the fires were brought inside using chimneys with large fireboxes. In the18th century wood burning stoves were common in homes. Stew or Castrol Stove was developed in 1735 by the French designer Francois Cuvilliés and Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin Stove 1742.

Oberlin Stove

In 1834, Philo Stewart designed a compact, wood-burning cast-iron stove called the Oberlin Stove, which revolutionized domestic cooking. This efficient metal kitchen stove was small enough for home use yet far superior to traditional fireplace cooking, as its cast-iron construction increased heating capacity and enabled faster cooking times.

Gas Stoves

Gas became the preferred source of heat in the 19th century, allowing ovens to become smaller and lighter. The British inventor James Sharp patented the gas stove in 1826, and by the 1920s, gas ovens were commonplace in most domestic kitchens.

Electric Stoves

The electric oven began to compete against the gas oven between the 1920s and 1930s. The Copeman Electric Stove Company, which was based in Michigan, received the first patent for an electric stove back in 1912.

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