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When a refrigerator has problems, you may notice it making noises, having an odor, stopping or running roughly. There are many potential causes for these symptoms. If your are having problems with your refrigeration, get in touch with A-1 Appliance and you will get one of their refrigeration specialists. Having specialists that work’s on specific equipment is what sets A-1 ahead of their competition.



Freezer malfunctions can be frustrating, especially if your ice cream they is always soft and runny. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to troubleshoot freezer issues.  You will get a refrigeration expert to diagnose any problem that occurs with your freezer or even ice maker. From repairs to replacement parts, A-1’s team has the knowledge and experience to get your appliance working again quickly.


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Called because my fridge stopped cooling, just before the holidays. They came out the very next day, immediately diagnosed the issue, ordered the parts and managed to complete the repair by the end of the week. Timely, skilled and very courteous! Won’t hesitate to call them again. Very grateful for such great service!
Ayala Zonnenschein
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Keeping Food Cold Before Refrigerators

To preserve food, ancient civilizations used cooling methods that took advantage of their climate and natural resources. Some stored food directly in cold river, streams or lake water, while others cut ice to fill ice houses. Many dug storage pits in the ground, filling them with insulating materials like snow, ice, straw, or sawdust to maintain low temperatures.


In the 1800s, iceboxes that resembled modern refrigerators in design gained popularity. These iceboxes featured insulated metal or wooden cabinet structures containing a tray or compartment for a large block of ice. Households with iceboxes regularly received ice deliveries to replenish the melting blocks.

Invention of the Refrigerator

The modern mechanical refrigeration process evolved from the innovations of numerous inventors.  In 1748, Scottish physician and professor William Cullen observed and demonstrated the cooling effect of rapidly evaporating a liquid into gas.

American Jacob Perkins invented the first vapor compression system in 1834. Later, German professor Carl von Linde patented a new process for liquefying gases. American Fred W. Wolf invented the first home electric refrigerator, which featured a refrigeration unit on top of an icebox in 1913. Then in 1918 William C. Durant introduced the first refrigerator for homes that contained its own compressor.

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