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If you are having issues with your washing machine it could be, a malfunctioning door lid switch or lock, a defective user control board or a timer, a broken drive belt, or a faulty or obstructed drain pump. Choose A-1 Appliance to fix your problem, they will do it with integrity at a fair price.
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Is your dryer malfunctioning or not drying your linens properly? It could be because the dryer isn’t getting enough power to operate, broken part or even the motherboard. When one of these issues happens it is best to call the professionals at A-1 Appliance. Working with electrical problems is risky.

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A1 and its expert technicians are the absolute best. They are honest, personable, really know their stuff and their service charges are very reasonable. When we first came to Medford we tried several appliance repair companies and were very disappointed until we found A1. Both Mike and Matthew are great, they don’t recommend repairs if something can be tweaked or a setting changed, they establish trust from the get go so A1 is our go to company!

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History of Washing Clothes

The washing machine meets a basic need: washing clothes and household linens. Having clean clothes and linens, and the desire to make washing less strenuous, led to the washing machine innovations we now have.

First Public Laundries

The Romans built public laundries, using fermented human urine, since imported fuller’s grass from Syria was too expensive to bleach their linens. The urine, produced a high concentration of ammonia, which was poured into tanks, and fullers (or fuller women) would tread on the sheets and clothes while soaking in the urine tanks to clean the fabrics.

The Invention of the Washing Machine

The invention of the washing machine is credited to Jacob Christian Schaffer in 1767. Thirty years later in 1797, American Nathaniel Briggs received the first patent for a mechanical washing machine. His design consisted of a tank that could be filled with hot water, agitated with a lever to wash the clothes, the water was drained through a tap and these washed clothes were then wrung between two rollers to squeeze out excess water.

Electric Machines

In 1920, the first electric machines were created with only the turning mechanism powered by electricity; the remaining controls still had to be operated manually. By 1930, models incorporated pressure switches, thermostats, and timers. This made them automatic.

History of the Washing Machine