Washing Machine Noises


Problem Washing Machine Noises

You probably know that a well functioning washing machine will make certain noises that aren’t of any concern. A few of these are when the water is entering and exiting the machine. Others are swooshing or sloshing while the machine is agitating the laundry. Some others include buzzing, clicking, and humming are all normal noises when operating a washing machine.

List of Problem Noises

  • Scraping
  • Squealing
  • Grinding
  • Thudding
Scraping and Grinding

Scraping or grinding noises are usually problems with the machine’s tub bearings or possibly some other moving parts.


When you hear a high-pitched squealing sound it is most likely a worn-out drive belt. If its not the belt drive, it is possibly the drum bearings.

Thudding and Banging

A thudding and or banging noises suggests the load that is being washed is out of balance. Now this is not a high priority alarm, but it should be resolved, usually by opening the washer’s door and moving laundry around to help balance it. If the banging doesn’t stop, it could be the leveling screws on the bottom of the washer need to be adjusted properly.

Washer Repair

If these noises persist, it’s wise to consult a professional technician, as they are indicating underlying problems that need addressed to prevent additional damage to your washer.

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